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The Billy Meier Case: True or a Hoax? Author:Christian Frehner Publisher:Wassermannzeit Publish Date:September 2020 Language: Bilingual: German and English ( Sample English Sample) Pages:160 Size:DIN A5 Weight:Approx. 320g Binding:Hardback ISBN-13:9783909154913 Price:HK$170  /  CN¥145   Order    Postage 
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※ Introduction ※

“The Billy Meier Case: True or a Hoax?” is an evergreen question.

Talking about the evidence of Extraterrestrial Civilization and UFO cases, it is the Billy Meier case that stands out without parallel. Recently, Christian Frehner wrote a good piece that sums up the essence of all major evidence of the case. Ptaah requested that the essay to be published as a book, hence the new book The Billy Meier Case: True or a Hoax? is now available to all.

As we may be aware, Christian is a highly experienced core-group member and FIGU’s English Interface for most parts of the world. He participated in various UFO conferences and FIGU Landesgruppe annual meetings.

Christian himself is an eyewitness of a few BM UFO cases. His essay presented a series of photo evidence and is enriched with easy-to-understand explanations, it is really a handy package for both beginners and researchers.

The book is not a thick one, yet most of the solid evidence is presented and analyzed, not to mention the index pages that include over a thousand UFO related photos and that are published for the first time. A free original PDF file of the UFO photo index will be included with each order as a compliment from Christian.

This is a bird in hand, please do not miss the chance to own the very book recommended by Ptaah.