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As the time fulfills Producers:Michael Horn and Amy Horn Production:They Fly Productions Release Date:2012 Media Format:DVD Video Region Code:Free Language:English Subtitle:English subtitle for German dialogue Run Time:75 mins Weight:Approx. 100g Price:HK$175  /  CN¥149   Order    Postage 
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※ Introduction ※

As the time fulfills is the newest, most definitive documentary on the Billy Meier UFO contacts in Switzerland.

With ironclad, documented corroboration of more than 50 examples of Billy Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate scientific information, his singular status as the only authentic UFO contactee, and the prophet for the new time, is indisputably established.

As the time fulfills demolishes any and all arguments from skeptics and other religious beliefs. It will be equally troublesome for the “UFO industry” that promotes false and irrelevant UFO cases and so-called contactees—as well as studiously ignores the Billy Meier case in pursuit of profits.

As the time fulfills also delineates the clear difference between the fear-inducing, enslaving religious and sects and the true spiritual teaching.

Filmed in Switzerland, London, Paris, Brazil and the US, with interviews of people from around the world, the film presents the harsh truth about the:

  • Apollo 11 moon landing hoax
  • Demonstrations against Wall street
  • Worldwide Jewish conspiracy
  • Realities of using “free energy”
  • Coming Russian military attacks
  • Civil wars coming to America
  • The Book of Names
  • Enviromental destruction


  • False UFO attack
  • Illuminati influences
  • Obama and the Plejaren on Obama and Romney
  • ... and the radically controversial truth about who Billy Meier is!

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