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Welcome to Billy Books!

As a result of the high speed advancement of the Internet, information is easily accessible to everyone, people who are interested in UFO and Extraterrestrial Civilization studies will surely aware that the Billy Meier contact case is the most genuine, highly provable and most meaningful event in the whole of the human history.

Having contact with the Plejaren for over 70 years, Billy Meier brings to the humankind all sorts of information, including the truths of the universe, the meaning of life and existence, advanced scientific information, spiritual teachings, prophecy and predictions, etc., fortunately all these invaluable information were written down and printed as permanent records, hence it will never be lost.

Billy Books is to establish a platform in Hong Kong, where it will be a showcase for the publications of FIGU and They Fly Productions, we will offer shopping convenience to those interested on one hand, and will help the spreading of Billy’s information and teachings around East Asia on the other.

Billy Books targeted to provided quality service; in order to offer a really reasonable price, we try our best to run on minimum resources, so that our friends can enjoy both convenience and cost saving. In case that our service is acknowledged, we are sure that Billy Books can be sustained in the long run.

It is our privilege to be encouraged and supported by Billy Meier, FIGU and Michael Horn, that makes the establishment of Billy Books possible, for which we are deeply grateful and thankful. We hope, as the time fulfills, the messages from Billy and the Plejaren can be fully acknowledged around the globe, hence human on Earth can forge their own a more sustainable, more lovely and bright future.

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