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Diversikum Author:Guido Moosbrugger Publisher:Wassermannzeit Publish Date:2019 Language: German ( Sample Sample) Pages:548 Size:DIN A4 Weight:Approx. 1610g Binding:Hardback ISBN-13:9783909154869 Price:HK$750  /  CN¥729   Order    Postage 
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※ Introduction ※

Diversikum is the legacy of Guido Moosbrugger, an old friend of Billy Meier. In order to unravel mysteries of the universe, Guido prepared himself for six years learning from Billy.

He started writing at the end of 2002 and completed his work in 2012. There were a lot of consultations and correction work together with Billy and Ptaah during the last eight years’ period.

The A4-sized Diversikum has 548 pages and weighs 1.6kg. It houses topics that people have been questioning since time immemorial. It includes rare information and explanations of the beginning and end of the universe, the meanings and ways of physical and spiritual life, UFO, extraterrestrial civilizations, spiritual teachings, etc.

Guido passed away in 2014; however, Billy and his FIGU members continued refining Gudio’s work and perfected it with valuable information regarding reality of the universe and more.

Dear readers,

In the last six decades of the 20th century, those topics that were particularly conspicuous in various media were all discussed sporadically over and over again, and still often trigger startling crazes today. However, there is still no answer to the topics until now, and perhaps there will never be a satisfactory answer.

On the one hand, those unidentified flying objects that are repeatedly witnessed around the world are actually rarely related to extraterrestrial civilizations.

Furthermore, questions about the beginning and end of the DERN universe mentioned by the Plejaren, as well as queries about the actual meaning of life, what will happen after death, etc., have always been pending (see Billy Meier's book Wiedergeburt, Leben, Sterben, Tod und Trauer [Rebirth, to live, to die, death and mourning]).

Is there reincarnation? Does spiritual life have different levels? If so, how does it work? Are there any other intelligent beings in the universe? Answers to these deep questions raised from human instinct are much sought after.

Like many others, Guido was also very interested in these long-standing questions, and thus intrigued to write a book that includes truths about the universe, spiritual teachings and other facts.

In addition, he summarized the beginning and end of the universe in an understandable way by providing necessary and lucid explanations.

This book offers more than 160 messages in 17 topics, including new discoveries, data analyses, Billy Meier, puzzles and explanations, personal experiences, live situations, the Plejaren, reality and truths, spaceships, the universe, interpersonal relationships, etc.